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Finding the best type of counselor to fit your current need can be a daunting task with the number of them out there. So, whether you have never been to counseling before or your current therapy is not producing the results you were hoping for. Our practice would like to offer our services to you.  

 Throughout the course of our lives from kids to adults we can experience a wide range of issues; such as relationships, family, work or school, that can have the potential to interfere with our level of functioning, productivity, or ability to feel generally happy. Some people are able to master these issues through their development as a person, but there are times or situations where these issues become major hurdles.

 Our professional practice provides a confidential and safe atmosphere where we are able to guide each of the clients toward possible solutions to their problems, and cultivate good coping skills for future life challenges

Insurances Accepted: BCBS, CIGNA, MEDCOST, MEDICAID, MEDICARE, United Healthcare, & MOST OTHERS.

      If you would like to schedule an appointment please call 336-547-6361

Alex Wilson
Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist
International Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

3719 West Market St. 
Suite B
Greensboro, NC 27403
Fax: (336)-547-6364

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